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About Us

Hello! Barteline here. The maker of all those cool bags. How nice of you that you are browsing our site. I started my business in 2008. From the sale of bicycle bags and oilcloth on the market to an online platform and since November 2011, many of our articles are also for sale via We are of course proud of that. My dear mother, who used to learn the craft of a tailor in domestic school, taught me the tricks of the trade. Now I can make the most amazing creations behind my sewing machines even without my mom. Thanks mom.

July, the eldest daughter (21) of our family of 5 was asked to pitch an idea for her own company for the student company assignment at her college. Together with her enterprising parents she came up with Zeeuws Zee Zand. Partly as a result of the idea to give back to our world by donating to the anti-plastic soup foundation. As residents of Walcheren and to be precise Zoutelande, we spend many hours on the clean beaches here. The free feeling, the wind in your hair, the salty air, the blissful feeling of sand between your toes, the peace, the space .... We now make and sell beautiful necklaces with sand from our beaches. We want to give you a piece of our beaches.

When we had a house built as a family in Zoutelande (2016/2017), we thought that a so-called “Domburgse zomerwoning” in the garden was a good idea to be able to offer visitors of our beautiful Walcheren a nice place to sleep. The cottage has become beautiful and many guests have enjoyed staying here since it opened in 2017. That has led to the second accommodation: Studio19. Newly built in 2020 in a revolutionary way at Vlaander Bouw in Axel. Lifted over our house with a crane and placed July 2020. Thank you guys! Here our guests can also enjoy all the beautiful things that Zoutelande has to offer.